Continuing Education


Maintain an Active Real Estate License Status

Real Estate Continuing Education

North Carolina Real Estate Commission mandates that all agents take 8 hours of continuing education per year in order to maintain license on active status. The general update course must be taken in addition to a 4 hour elective course.

Available Courses

General Update Course

General Update - OnlineChris DardenTBDTBDTBDTBD

Broker-in-Charge Update Course

Broker-In-Charge Update - OnlineChris DardenTBDTBDTBDTBD

​Elective (CE) Courses

For the Good of All (Ethics) - OnlineTBDTBDTBDTBDTBD
And The Commission Says - OnlineTBDTBDTBDTBDTBD
What Would Your Mamma Say (Ethics) - OnlineTBDTBDTBDTBDTBD

Online Course Requirements

Before registering for distance education courses, please make sure that the following requirements are met.

  1. Connecting with cell phones or smart devices are prohibited; MUST BE A COMPUTER
  2. Must be on time
  3. Must be in a quiet location
  4. Camera and Microphone must work
  5. Attendance and Participation required
  6. Hard wired internet connection (suggested)
  7. Google Chrome web browser (recommended)
  8. Agreement not to disconnect from room during breaks
  9. Agreement to close other programs/apps while class is in session
  10. Ability to see the full screen and access a keyboard at the same time
  11. Connect 10 minutes prior to the start of class to make sure everything is working properly

** If you do NOT meet all of the requirements above, please consider waiting to take a seated class. If you miss more than 10% of the class due to internet issues, you will not receive credit for the course. **