Providing Education Courses for Real Estate Brokers

If you need help in passing the broker licensure exam or maintaining your active license status, you can rely on East Carolina School of Real Estate. We offer prelicense, post-license, and continuing education courses to real estate brokers in:

North Carolina

We want our students to succeed, and so we integrate state-of-the-art technologies in our classrooms and maintain the right environment for optimal learning. You will be taught by reputable instructors whose informative and industry-relevant lessons can surely help you with your real estate career.

Our classes are available in different time slots. You can enroll in a class that you prefer and that fits your schedule.

Courses Offered

Prelicense Course

Take the first step in becoming a real estate broker. Our 75-hour prelicense course is designed by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. This course needs to be successfully completed first before taking the state’s licensure exam.

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Post-License Course

The North Carolina Real Estate Commission mandates that all new agents take three 30-hour courses after the initial prelicensing course to remove the provisional status from their license. These courses must be completed within the first 18 months of licensure to maintain an active license status.

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Continuing Education Courses

All brokers in North Carolina need to take eight hours of continuing education courses every year to maintain their active license status. The general update course must also be taken in addition to a four-hour elective course. With the help of our school’s continuing education courses, you can meet and stay up-to-date with the requirements of the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.

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Continuing Education

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"Great School, Great Teacher, Great Course!!"

"Chris has an animated and engaging personality! She's a great teacher!"

"Chris's versatility in experience is one of her best strengths! Loved going on field trips!"

"Ms. Darden knows how to relate the material to the class in a very understandable way."

"Love her passion and enthusiasm! Her ability to explain material for all to understand and making sure that everyone having clarity before moving on is such a great thing!"

"She is charismatic on the subject matter of real estate as a whole is one of her great strengths."

"Chris is good at controlling the class as well as keeping at a good pace while making boring subject matter more interesting"

"Chris has a VAST knowledge and experience in Real Estate! Great Instructor and Communicator. Take her classes!!"

"Chris holds the attention of the class, which is great because she always makes class fun!"

"She includes every student in class discussions, which I think is great!"

"I am very pleased with Chris's enthusiasm and encouragement of class participation as well as her knowledge!"

"Chris really knows her RE, love the way she keeps the class interactive and her communication skills"

"She is relaxed, kind, and very personable! Thanks for the snacks :)"

"I love Chris's knowledge, advice and sense of humor!! Class was wonderful!"

"Love that she can make boring material fun and engaging!"

"Chris is a people person; outgoing and pleasant. It's a joy to have her as an instructor!"

"Chris is very knowledgeable! Always enjoy learning from her. Very professional!"

"Well worth the time for all that I got out of the class!"

"Great Communication and class involvement! Chris has a great personality and always makes class education and fun!"

"Chris is very knowledgeable of the course material and kept the class engaged."

"Chris' greatest strength is her knowledge of the topics and clear explanations. The class was enjoyable, learned a lot."

"Will definitely take again and recommend to everyone I know."

"One of Chris' strengths is her knowledge of real estate and her ability to transfer that to the student. Excellent."

"Great Class! Learned a lot."

"Great looking facility"

"Great Class!"

"I really enjoyed the class and the instructor technique."

"Chris is personable, gives real life discussions, and is respected in the real estate community."

"I was impressed with the class information."

"Beautiful facility. Clean and nice quotes."

"Chris' greatest strengths are her knowledge of the subject matter and pleasing personality. Will take other classes."

"One of the best class I have taken."

"Excellent communicator and excellent knowledge of material. Like the case studies."

"Chris makes the class subject relate to real world examples. I like the location, class size, communication between students, and overall feel of the class."

"Very personable. Open, small classes."

"Good Environment, Great Teacher."

"Chris's greatest strength is her personal and business experiences. Great Atmosphere."

"Very much enjoyed the class."

"Instructor was very good at breaking down subject and was very open with the class and allowed them to get involved."

"The instructors' greatest strength is her breadth of experience and personality. Very affordable, nice facilities, snacks provided."

"Chris is knowledgeable, relatable, down to earth and entertaining to keep the class engaged. I enjoyed learning under this instruction."

"Fun and Knowledgeable."

"The instructor has the ability to relate to student inquiries and knowledge of the system."


"Chris will now provide ALL CE credits for me!"

"Great Job"

"Best continuing education class that I've been to"

"She knows real estate, She knows how to teach"

​"Chris has a wonderful personality. Looks & acts professionally."

​"Chris has a wealth of knowledge about real estate!"

"I would recommend any agent to attend a course with this instructor."

"Really enjoyed the atmosphere and learning experience."

"Great class, enjoyed the small setting"

​"Great environment and instructor!"

​"Great location, strong communication and understanding of material."

​"Very good session. Small session size allows for great interaction!"

​"Mrs. Darden is very knowledgable of her job. I really enjoyed the class & atmosphere."

"The instructor knows the local market well and the NC rules & regulations."

"She makes the information easy to understand. Enjoyed the class." 

"I've taken several, and will continue."

​"Great Job."

​"Excellent instructor"

​"Enjoyed class"

"Chris did an excellent job."

"Very informative, enthusiastic, great class."

"Loved the intimate setting and supplied refreshments."

​"Very Personable, Made the class fun."

​"Relaxed style."

​"Very good with class participation. Great Class!"

"Great school, Liked the course, Loved the instructor!"

​"Chris was great, really enjoyed her teaching method."

​"Inviting atmosphere"​

​"First time taking from this instructor & I will be back!"

" I felt very comfortable and would take more CE's with Ms. Darden."

​"Always enjoyable, she keeps my attention!"

"Enthusiasm and love for real estate - just a NICE person."

"Communicate rules in a very understandable language. I appreciates personalization of the class."

"Love the small class feel, great facility."

​"Clean, updated technology & love the snacks!"​​

​"Great course and location. I would recommend this instructor and company to all of my realtors."

"Love the small class size and schedule that give's the chance to take courses early in the year."


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"Her strengths are her ability to give accurate information in ways that help in retaining subject matter. Great Teacher!"​​

​"She is truly excited about real estate, and it shows! Comfortable setting, snacks are nice and small class size."

​"Her strengths are her varied teaching styles and interaction with the class. Awesome class overall."

"Chris makes learning fun!"

​"Chris is very personable and has been in the field for a long time, so I trust her knowledge in Real Estate. Great school and course!"

​"Great Teacher, Great Class"


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"Chris's ability to explain material in an easy to understand way is one of her greatest strengths."

"I will be taking all my Real Estate course with Chris!"

"Best Real Estate Instructor I have had so far!!

"I consider Chris's greatest strength to be her knowledge on each subjects and her life experiences!"

"I love how Chris makes sure to include class interactions!"

"I enjoyed the class very much! Chris is very knowledgeable about the market that we are in and I also learned better when she shared her past experiences with the class."

"Chris made the class enjoyable and interesting"

"Chris is friendly and professional and I believe your students will love her!"

"One of Chris' strengths is her ability to relate to students."

"Chris always answered questions where I could understand the answers as it related to the topic."

"Keeps students engaged"

"Chris is Fun, Kind, and Enthusiastic"

"Great class, instruction and environment."

"Chris' greatest strength is her personal experience and relating that to the subject matter"

"Content is clear. Great program and instruction!"

​"I love East Carolina School of Real Estate!"

​"Chris has knowledge of actual real estate and gives real life scenarios."

​"Chris has knowledge of the material and industry, patience with students and sense of humor. I will take all of my post-licensing here or wherever Chris is teaching."

"Chris made the course fun and interesting. Will definitely be taking more courses here."

​"Best class ever - this is the last of 3 and the best!"

​"Chris is knowledgeable of facts, and on top of changing rules and laws."

​"Chris is the best in town!"

"Looking forward to additional opportunities to learn from this instructor."

"Chris gives excellent examples!"

"Ability to relate to each student with her own experiences."

"Better than PCC & cheaper."

"Awesome personality."

"Presentation of material in a manner which is easily understandable and allowing time for students to grasp mathematical concepts."

" I believe this location is a gem! Smaller class size with a wealth of knowledge and experience."